Say 'Goodbye' to Copy-and-Paste.

Generate VET mapping templates with information from with a single click.

You now have the power to save yourself hours.
Make mapping magic.

Your ally in the quest for compliance.

Magic Map instantly generates mapping templates with unit details from, making your road to compliance that much easier.


Sync directly from Training.Gov.Au

We sync data the moment you select your unit, so you are always using the most up to date unit information.


Instant VET Mapping Templates

After selecting your chosen unit, generate a VET mapping template with information from


Updates from Training.Gov.Au

Be alerted when updates a unit you have previously created mapping templates for.

Quick & Easy VET Mapping.

Spend zero time on copy-and-paste and focus on the real work.

Generate your VET map already populated with all elements and performance criteria from

Read what our users have to say:

"Helps me save serious time"

"Magic Map has legitimately changed my mapping workflow for the better. It helps me save serious time and get to the work that matters that much faster."
– Kara F.

"Cured a long-standing time drain"

"If you're not using this software, you need to! We couldn't believe how easily Magic Map cured one of our long-standing time drains."
– Michael M.

"No more endless copy and paste"

"Compliance is important to us (obviously!), and Magic Map has made it easier. FINALLY no more endless copy and paste from!"
– Evelyn G.


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