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Sync info. from
  • We sync data the moment you select your unit, so you are always using the most up to date unit information.
  • Easily type an intended unit code and sync directly from Training.Gov.Au with a few mouse clicks.
Instantly create mapping
  • Magic Map is designed to improve RTO mapping processes whilst keeping all data up-to-date and accurate.
  • Generate a VET mapping template with information from
  • No copy-and-paste required!
Receive alerts
  • Receive an alert whenever issues an update to a unit you have mapped.
  • Being notified through in-app notifications, email, and all across the platform.
  • Choose to apply the update, or generate a new mapping template.
Work online
  • Mapping online individually or with your team.
  • All team members can simultaneously enter data and update the latest changes from Training.Gov.Au.
  • No need to recreate your map or tediously juggling information back and forth.
Download Excel, Word, PDF
  • Map online with Magic Map’s powerful tools before downloading in your preferred file format, or download the file straight away and work offline.
  • Maps are available to download as: PDF, Docs, and Excel.
Cloud-based library
  • Magic Map allows you to work and manage all mapping templates in one truthful place.
  • Sort your maps by course, qualification, RTO, or any preferred order.
  • Keep all information crystal clear and leaving avoidable mistakes at bay.

You now have the power to save yourself hours.

Make mapping magic.

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