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Every plan includes

Unlimited Maps Per Unit

Magic Map allows you to duplicate and customise unlimited unit maps to fit different training programs.

Instant Mapping Template Creation

Simply type the unit code into Magic Map and generate the template with data from training.gov.au instantly. 

Download Maps as Excel, Word, & PDF Files

Magic Map allows you to download all maps in your preferred file format and work effortlessly offline.

Online Mapping Template Creator

Magic Map’s cloud-based library allows everyone in the team to access and work on a mapping template together. 

Secure Data Storage

Receive an alert whenever training.gov.au issues an update to a unit you have mapped and apply changes within seconds.

Live Chat During Business Hours & 24/7 Email Support

If you have a question or a technical issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. We endeavour to get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Is Magic Map Worth It?

We think so (it'd be rather silly if we didn't). But in the name of science, we put ourselves to the test.

We asked users to create a basic mapping template for unit BSBINN301 using by copy-and-pasting into an excel sheet. Then, we asked them create the same template using Magic Map.

The average outcome?
Copy-and-Paste: 32 minutes
Magic Map: 19 seconds

Think of all the units you map each year and all the time you will save. Yes– it's worth it!

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